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MAKITA 6917FDWDE Power Tools Batteries

Order the MAKITA 6917FDWDE Power Tool Batteries - 1 Year Warranty, Free Shipping and Secure Online Ordering Guaranteed!

6917FDWDE Battery,MAKITA 6917FDWDE Power Tools Batteries
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Special Price: US $ 83.85

Product Details
  • 12V 2000mAh Ni-Cd Power Tools Battery (red)
  • Product Dimensions: 84.40x93.80x102.90mm
  • 100% OEM compatible
  • Full one year warranty
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications

This Power Tools Battery can replace the following part numbers:
  1222,   192681-5,   193157-5,
  1220,    192698-A,  
This Power Tools Battery is also compatible with the following models:
  6213DWBE,   6835DWD,   6227D,
  4191DZ,    6213D,   6227DWLE,
  6316DWAE,    6319DWFE,   6914DWDE,
  6918DWA,    8270DWAE,   DA312DZ,
  UB120DWB,    UC170D,   4331DWD,
  6313DWBE,    UC120DWD,   4013D,
  5093D,    6223DWE,   6313DWAE,
  6317DWDRE,    6835DWAE,   6917DWDE,
  6918FDWDE,    8414DWFE,   ML124,
  UC120DRA,    VR250DWAE,   6216DWDE,
  6918DWDE,    1050DA,   4331DWAE,
  6223D,    6270DWALE,   6316DWBE,
  6835D,    6916FDWDE,   6918DWD,
  8413D,    ML121 (Head Lamp),   UC120D,
  UC120DWA,    6213DWAE,   6317DWDE,
  DA312D,    4191DWA,   5093DZ,
  6227DWBE,    6316DWA,   6319D,
  6914D,    6918D,   6980FDWDE,
  DA312DWF,    UB120DWA,   UC120DWAE,
  1050DWD,    6217DWDLE,   DA312DWD,
  1050DWA,    4331DZ,   6223DW,
  6313DA,    6317DWAE,   6835DWA,
  6917D,    6918DWFE,   8413DWFE,
  ML123 (Fluorescent Automotive Light),    UC120DR,   VR250DA,
  6213DWBLE,    6916DWDE,   1050D,
  4331D,    6217D,   6270DWAE,
  6316DWB,    6327DWE,   6916D,
  6918DWAE,    8270DWALE,   ML120,
  UB121D,    UC170DWD,   5093DWD,
  6314DWBE,    VR251DWDE,   4191D,
  5093DWA,    6227DW,   6316D,
  6317DWFE,    6835DWB,   6917FDWDE,
  6980FD,    DA312DWA,   UB120D,
  UC120DW,    VR251D,   6217DWDE,
  8413DWDE,    1050DRA,   4331DWDE,
  6223DE,    6313D,   6317D,
  6835DA,    6916FDWDE1,   6918DWF,
  8413DWAE,    ML122,   UC120DA,