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MAKITA BLS712 Power Tools Batteries

Order the MAKITA BLS712 Power Tool Batteries - 1 Year Warranty, Free Shipping and Secure Online Ordering Guaranteed!

BLS712 Battery,MAKITA BLS712 Power Tools Batteries
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Special Price: US $ 126.42

Product Details
  • 24V 3300mAh Ni-MH Power Tools Battery (dark blue)
  • Product Dimensions: 120.48x86.82x96.72mm
  • 100% OEM compatible
  • Full one year warranty
  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications

This Power Tools Battery can replace the following part numbers:
  2420,   193130-5,   B2430,
  BH2433,    BH2420,   193736-9,
  2430,    193128-2,   2417,
  193739-3,    B2420,   193131-3,
  BH2430,    193127-4,   B2417,
This Power Tools Battery is also compatible with the following models:
  BDF460WA,   BHR200SFE,   BJR240WA,
  BTD200SH,    DK2401HF,   BTD200,
  BTW200SF,    DF460SH,   BHP460WA,
  BJR240SH,    BSR730WA,   BTW200SJE,
  BDF460,    BLS820SFK,   BHP460SH,
  BHR200SJE,    BLS712SFK,   BTD200WA,
  DK2403HF,    BSS730,   BDF460SF,
  BDF460SJE,    BHR200SAE,   BJR240SJE,
  BSS730SHK,    BTW200WAE,   BHR200,
  BTW200,    BHP460SJE,   BJR240SFE,
  BSR730SJE,    BTW200SH,   DK2405HF,
  BLS820,    BDF460WAE,   BHR200SHE,
  BJR240WAE,    BTD200SJE,   DK2402HF,
  BJR240,    BJR240SF,   BDF460SHE,
  BHP460WAE,    BJR240SHE,   BSR730WAE,
  BTW200WA,    BHP460,   BHR200SH,
  BHP460SHE,    BHR200WAE,   BLS820SF,
  BTD200WAE,    DK2404HF,   BLS712,