Laptop Battery Solution Resources

Laptop Battery Solutions Resources

Ever wonder how a laptop battery works, or how to buy the right battery for your laptop? The following articles go into detail about what you, the consumer, should know before purchasing your next laptop battery.

Article: Laptop Battery Power Ratings & Power Consumption 101

Description: In this article we define terms such as volts (V) and milliAmp hours (mAh) in order to discuss how long laptop batteries will run before recharging. We also give useful tips on extending the life of your battery.

Article: How do Laptop Batteries Work?

Description: This article describes the inner workings of a laptop battery, from what the power cells are made of, to the way a laptop battery powers your laptop. If you have also wondered how to get the most out of your laptop battery, this articles gives you tips on how to conserve power in order to get maximum run-time.

Article: Laptop Battery Buying Guide

Description: Need information on how to choose the right battery? Read this article and learn how laptop batteries are manufactured, the difference in chemicals used to produce a laptop battery, what the power rating means, as well as how to recycle your old battery.

Article: FAQ's About Laptop Batteries

Description: In this section we answer some of the most common questions concerning laptop batteries. Find out how to get the most out of your battery here.